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Hong Kong - Student Comment

Katikati, my top place by Jude Lo

I have been living in Katikati as an international student for 2 years. I am Jude from Hong Kong and I am a 19-year-old student studying Year 13 and aiming for university in New Zealand next year.

Katikati is a peaceful place to live in. There are many nice, friendly people around the town and I have made a lot of good friends here. They help me with my studying and they always help if I need it. People are friendly and talkative even though they do not know me. I am often approached by them just wanting to talk. I really enjoy this. Comparing with Hong Kong, people there are too busy and do not have time for others.

My friends also get me interested in kiwi slang because it is so funny and vivid. When my host mum Trish asks how my is going, I now answer “same sh*t, different day”, but I am just joking.

I love the open space and life style here because I can get out on the street with just one step – I do not need to travel down the lift with crowds of people. I have my bike ride everyday in fresh air. At weekends, I sometimes stay at friends’ houses for movie’s night and sometimes go out somewhere interesting and exciting with my host parents.

I have a warm cozy home in Katikati. My host parents Jeff and Trish are like my second parents and they treat me like their son. Trish makes me heaps of delicious food and snacks. Jeff is a funny person who likes reading. He gets tonnes of knowledge from books and I think he knows more about Asia than me. We have 3 cats. ‘My little friends’ are called Chucky, Simba and Momo and they always like to be in my room.

Katikati is my second home. I have had a really good time at the college and getting close to the local culture that has made my life special and my time here memorable. I will miss it very much when I leave this lovely place.

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