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International Students at Katikati College have full access to all of the student support services that operate within the College plus the following services through our International Student Co-ordinator.
Our International Student Manager maintains close contact with each student, monitoring progress and ensuring that students are well supported.

The school Health Nurse, a doctor twice a week and SHAC facilities are all available on site for all International students to use.

Through our Learning Centre, students receive language assistance and are quickly integrated into full school life.

Katikati College agrees to place the student in suitable homestay care. Checks are made to ensure that both student and host family are compatible.

Regular contact with homestay families to ensure that students are happy and well looked after.

Counsellors are available to help with any student problem.



We encourage you to purchase the more traditional forms of the black, leather shoes, as in our experience they are a more sturdy shoe which will last longer." Sports shoes are not permitted.

Cell phones:

Students are NOT permitted to use cell phones during class time. Staff will confiscate a cell phone if a student is caught using it in class.

Facial Piercings:

Students are NOT allowed to have facial piercings. They must be removed whilst at school.

Katikati College has agreed to observe and be bound by the "Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students" published by the Ministry of Education.

Copies of the Code are available on request from Katikati College or from the NZQA Web site at | www.nzqa.govt.nz

A summary of the "Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students" can be read | HERE.

Katikati College International Student Grievance Procedure

Katikati College will ensure at all times that International students are well informed, safe and properly cared for. Students and or their agents/parents will receive a copy of the grievance procedure

Rights and Responsibilities of the International Student

The Grievance Policy allows international students to have the opportunity to present any grievance related to the Code and for it to be dealt with in a just manner. It is the responsibility of the International Student to inform Katikati College in writing of any alleged breach of the Code.

Rights and Responsibilities of the School:

Katikati College will act fairly and assess all written grievances that breach the Code. If an agreement cannot be reached between Katikati College and the complainant, the internal procedure (see below) will apply.

Situations which will be dealt with under the Policy

The Grievance Policy applies to Katikati College and includes:

  • Classrooms and grounds and approved field trips
  • Home stay environment
  • Extra-curricular activities supervised by Katikati College staff

But specifically excludes:

  • Social activities
  • Personal travel
  • Any behaviour that contravenes Katikati College Code of Conduct

Internal Procedure

  • The student gives the written grievance to the International Student Manager stating which section(s) of the Code have been breached.
  • Within three school days a meeting will be arranged between the International Student Manager and the student.
  • A registered interpreter will be offered to the student.
  • The Head of the International Department will attend this meeting to record the discussion.
  • The International Student is allowed to have one support person attend this meeting with them, eg guardian, counselor. This support person may be arranged by the school if it is thought to be in the best interests of the student.
  • If the problem is resolved, written notification will be given to the student and both parties will sign off on the grievance.
  • If the problem is unresolved, the grievance will then be given to the Principal who will act as a mediator. This meeting will be attended by the International Student Manager, Principal, Student and support person.
  • If the problem is resolved, written notification will be given to the student and both parties will sign off on the grievance.
  • If the problem is unresolved, the student will be advised to write to NZQA.
  • The school process will be completed within a maximum of one calendar month.

The grievance process will be reviewed annually by revisiting individual cases to ensure that the process followed by Katikati College is fair.

NZQA dispute resolution scheme

If you believe the school has breached the Code of Practice and you have not been able to settle the matter following the school’s internal procedures, you may bring the matter to the Dispute resolution scheme via NZQA.

How to make a complaint:


Contacting NZQA
You can download the complaint form from | www.nzqa.govt.nz
And send to:

The Complaints officer
New Zealand Qualification Authority
P O Box 1160
Wellington 6140

Or email with any supporting evidence | schoolcode.enquiries@nzqa.govt.nz
Reviewed 25.11.16 – No cases to revisit.

International Student Fee Refunds

In order to comply with the Code of Practice for International Students, Katikati College is required to have procedures for the refund of fees paid by international students.


  1. The annual tuition fee must be paid in full upon receipt of the offer of placement, and before the commencement of any subsequent year in which the student is to study at the College.
  2. If the student withdraws prior to the indicated arrival date and where the full tuition fee has been received by the College, full tuition fees will be refunded less an administration fee of NZ$ 500.00.
  3. If the student withdraws following arrival in New Zealand, the administration fee and Government levy will be deducted from the refund. The net payable will be:
    1. During their first term: 60% of full fee (less any other costs incurred by the student or their agent)
    2. During the second term: 30% of full fee (less any other costs incurred by the student or their agent)
    3. Where a student returns home after the end of their second term, no refund will be made unless in exceptional circumstances that may include;
      1. the student's serious illness
      2. death or serious illness of a close member of the student's family. In these circumstances under New Zealand law the College must retain amounts to cover costs already incurred.
      3. Medical evidence must be provided.
  4. No refunds will be made to students who acquire Permanent Residency after one month of their commencement date.
  5. All refunds will be remitted to either the parents of the student or to the agent appointed by the student's parents, and not directly to students.
  6. No refund will be made for a student who is required to leave the College because of non-compliance with the College rules or breach of New Zealand law.

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