Board of Trustees

Our current Board of Trustees consists of the following:

Chairperson Bobbette Tanner [email protected]
Parent Trustee Jenner Ballinger-Judd  
Parent Trustee Dave Freeman  
Parent Trustee Valarie Uilou  
Principal Louise Buckley [email protected]
Staff Trustee Lisa Corbett  
Student Trustee Xingang Wang  
Co-opted member Shaan Kingi from Pou Arahi

Board of Trustees meetings are scheduled to be held on the following days at 4.30pm:

Term 1  Thursday 23 February & 30 March 

Term 2  Thursday 11 May & 15 June

Term 3  Thursday 3 August & 14 September 

Term 4  Thursday 26 November, Meeting 8 TBC

Please see below minutes from our Board of Trustees meeting for 2022

24 February

7 April

26 May

30 June

18 August

29 September

3 November