Computers and BYOD

Katikati College is a BYOD school (bring your own device) for Year 9 - 13 students.

This allows for anytime, anywhere learning, where the learning is authentic, collaborative, personalized and future-focussed. Our teachers have been creating teaching programmes which incorporate e-learning through a blended approach. This means that not all activities are carried out on a device and e-learning is seen as an effective tool to support creative teaching and learning.

During the Covid lockdown, access to devices at home allowed students to participate in online learning across all year levels. We have aimed to continue with this blended learning approach on our return to school.

We appreciate that for some families the extra cost of purchasing a device is significant. For this reason we have a number of devices which are loaned to students for the school day. 

If you would like to be considered for one of these devices please contact Louise Buckley at the College to discuss this further. If as a business or community group you would like to help us support these students please also contact Louise Buckley. We really welcome this sort of support.

Information regarding device specifications
Features that we feel are essential are:

· Minimum screen size of 9”

· Wireless internet capability

· Battery life which will last a typical school day (at least 6 hours)

Others features to consider:

· Lightweight but robust enough to handle daily use

· Suitable, durable bag / cover for protection

· Suitable for use online and offline

· Security software

For all types of devices we recommend that:

· They be less than 4 years old

· They have AntiVirus software if appropriate

· Students make regular back-ups of critical work on external storage (eg. external hard drive or USB drive)

All of our students have been instructed on Cyber Safety and have shared the Student User Agreement at the beginning of every year.

For more information on keeping your children safe online refer to Netsafe Information for Parent